CARES redefines the resident experience through relationships.

Online Reputation

  • 90% of apartment seekers are more likely to consider a community that has strong positive reviews (
  • 66% of residents say they haven't posted an online review yet (JTurner’s Annual 2016 Industry Leaders Survey)
  • 1 in 3 multifamily industry leaders say dealing with online ratings/reviews are among the top three challenges facing them today (JTurner's Annual 2016 Industry Leaders Survey)

When it comes to your company's online reputation, active management is key. But how do you get glowing comments posted online? Jamie Gorski, Senior VP of Corporate Marketing for the Buzzuto Group said, "All you have to do is ask." According to Gorski, 62 percent of residents said they would post a review if they were asked, but fewer than 9 percent of residents had been asked.

CARES Teams are in a perfect position to invite residents to share about their experience, because they have organic touch points through visits, events, and care activities. It's friends asking friends face-to-face.

The CARES Online Reputation Program offers

  • Proactive Positive Review Strategy: Our CARES Teams will encourage residents who are having a good-to-great experience to post online. Our goal is to promote additional positive reviews each month on the monitored websites.
  • Negative Comment Strategy: We believe that the management company should act as the first responder when residents post a negative online review. However, our CARES Teams can take it one step further and work to "bury" those negative reviews by encouraging residents to post a positive review.
  • Marketing support: If your company doesn’t produce your own online reputation collateral, we can do that for you. We can also partner with you on quarterly online reputation campaigns to boost review activity.
  • Monthly Reporting: CARES will provide regular monthly reporting on your online reputation scores and number of new comments.


Proof CARES Works

Bellagio at Beach Street (Fort Worth, TX) and Bandera Ranch (Euless, TX) both saw a 20% increase in their online reputation score after 18 months.

Vinoy at Innovation Park (Charlotte, NC) experienced a 13% increase in their online reputation recommendation rating in 6 months.

Avana at Wescott Plantation (Charleston, SC): A CARES Team spent just one day encouraging residents to post an online review, and their rating increased from 81% to 85%!