CARES redefines the resident experience through relationships.

“CARES is clearly a driver of that [resident satisfaction] strategy. Based on our strengths with CARES, it’s easy for us to have CARES as a national program with JPI forever.”

Bobby Page - Managing Partner

Improved Resident Satisfaction

Improved resident satisfaction is just one of the tremendous results of an investment in relationships. A satisfied resident renews their lease, refers their friends, and remains loyal to their community. A recent analysis of the CWS Apartment Home portfolio (70 communities total; 10 with CARES) showed their communities with CARES had a 12 percent increase in customer loyalty after implementing CARES and, after a year, the CARES communities had a customer loyalty score 2.5% higher than the overall portfolio.


Proof CARES Works

"At Parks at Nexton in Summerville, SC, the CARES Team plans events that appeal to both Millennials and Boomers alike. Recently the team organized a resident dinner at a restaurant within walking distance from the property, a painting class and a Craft Beer Club meeting. The response to these events has been overwhelmingly positive; our Millennial and Boomer residents now more than ever seem genuinely interested in being an active member of their community." - Dan Doyle, Vice President, The Beach Company"

“Being a brand-new property, it is often challenging to develop a community with residents who do not know each other at all. It has been incredible witnessing as CARES has molded relationships and transformed the Temporary Resident into what we like to call a Loyal Resident.” - Woodfield Longpoint Community Manager, Greystar

"I was the biggest skeptic about CARES at first.  After experiencing it first-hand, I can't imagine property management without CARES.  They truly transformed us from a property to a community." - Suzi Eckert,  Community Manager, AMC

“I believe that the CARES program has helped form a cohesive network for our residents to get to know each other and help foster resident retention from the very beginning.  I love the welcome visits as they help us remedy any resident dissatisfactions right from the start.  We have turned quite a few unhappy residents into satisfied neighbors.”  - Whitehall Parc Community Manager, Greystar

"The feedback provided through our online surveys and CARES Team assessments allows our onsite team to address the needs of the residents quickly.  Because of this, our residents feel heard and cared for during their time at Marquis at the Parkway."
- Jenn Kent,  Community Manager - Marquis at the Parkway