CARES redefines the resident experience through relationships.

“There’s [resident] retention with that [community]. The more people they know, the more comfortable they’re going to be in executing that lease renewal with us… leases were signed because of CARES going and extending our family of Post.”

Lori Fall - Area Vice President
Post Properties

Resident Retention

In a 2013 study commissioned by Fairfield Residential, LLP and Apartment Life, Witten Advisors surveyed 415 residents and 59 staff members from 12 communities in Texas, Georgia, and Florida with the CARES program in place for at least one year. 

The results indicated the CARES program added over $165,000 in annual financial benefit to each community through increased leasing, increased resident retention and reduced staff turnover.  (The CARES program’s annual cost is estimated at $25,000.)


The Witten study quantified the value of several factors that contribute to apartment resident retention and financial impact. According to the survey, 88 percent of residents believe that the “sense of community” in their current apartment was stronger than previous apartments, and 33 percent of residents indicated that CARES influenced their decision to renew by 20 percent.

CARES Influencing Renewal Decision

Proof CARES Works

“CARES has helped us tremendously at Edgewater Plantation. They have reduced our turnover rate by at least 10 percent in the past year. CARES definitely builds community.”  — Senior Community Manager at Edgewater Plantation

“From home cooked meals and rocking bands to community involvement and the genuine nature of its team members, CARES has literally defined resident retention at Woodfield Long Point.”  — Community Manager at Woodfield Long Point

“Our retention at Third Rail has gone up almost 20 percent over the past year. We attribute a lot of this to having a CARES Team onsite.”  — Lori Davis, Regional Manager at Spectrum Properties

"Since bringing the CARES team to our property almost 2 years ago, I have seen fantastic changes in our resident retention.  Having a team who follows up with move in's, not only reinforces customer service, but also sets the tone for their whole stay in our community. I would not only recommend the program but will push for it on other properties I move on to."  — Community Manager at Carrington Park